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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Point form...as I am tired!

  • cardio completed! wow full week o' working out
  • Go Me!!
  • still fat...? what...after a week?? haha
  • sporting day - I played around with some heavy implements for the highland games and spent 2.5hours in the baking TX sun getting SUPER dehydrated. Whoa... I've never NEEDED Gatorade like that before.
  • v.tired that night
  • resting!
  • Cardio day ... did it!
  • Week 2 of 5x a week started well.
  • feeling pretty good actually
  • Weights - High Clean pulls 3 x 6 x 65lbs
  • Front Squats 3 x 6 x 65lbs
  • Military press 3 x 8 x 25lb dumbbells
  • just looked...still fat! ;)

Working out in the mornings has been really nice to be honest. I'm feeling more alert in the day and I like the fact that I can plan a relaxing or interesting evening without worrying about fitting in exercise.

I'm hitting the limit for low sleep... I'm hoping that this week I will transition into 10.30 bedtimes instead of 11.30/12.... come on body... you know I'm getting you up early... fall asleep!!!

and now, it is time for bed!! Good Night all!


CJ said...

You are doing great! Keep going strong :)

Katie J said...

Hopefully your body will start listening! LOL!

tena said...

You are doing great girlie! Watch out for this TX sun. We may get some rain soon, I hope it will cool us off some.

Natalia said...

Hopefully you can get to bed earlier! Great job!