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Monday, June 28, 2010

Tropical Depression!

Storms are circling the gulf and I'm getting nervous for my first hurricane season in TX. EEK!

Lots of visiting and eating this weekend - tried to keep it pretty light - but was only minorly successful. I am ragine pre-period hormones and would like to eat a bag of salty chips while laying in a bath of chocolate... that is not happening however.

Today I didn't drink enough water - that is issue number one. But getting on top of that.

Worked some overtime this weekend as well - which isnt great for getting well rested - however I'm settling into bed asap for a good long sleep!

Tuesday - here I come.


tena said...

Make sure you have plenty of batteries and if you have a gas grill that works great for making coffee when the power goes out. I think we'll just get a lot of rain...I hope that's all :)

Laryssa said...

I heard Alex is now a tropical storm and pouring down rain on TX. I hope you don't get any flooding!

Keep thinking happy thoughts for your weight loss. You will do it!!