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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mid Week Check In!

Had a dental appointment today. I hate going - but had to get a crown in there - filling broke off the back end of my molar. Was easier than I thought it should be - no root canal though! Phew!

I've not been to the gym since Monday Night - but we did go for a walk Wednesday night, and are about to set out again. Overcast here but still muggy and hot!!! I'm in the mood for some nature though - and not the sound of my ipod and the inside of the gym.

Weighed in this morning: 294.2lbs

Period is coming next week though - so I expect some bloating and this would explain the crying and whining today as well as the fact that I ate 10 chocolate kisses.

:) time to walk it off!

1 comment:

CJ said...

Oh I hate dental appointments too! good luck with yours :)