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My homage to the 14lbs that I lost on Allan’s DDDY Challenges. A watering can for the vast oceans of water that I have learned to drink and love every day.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Body by Veggies!

I just LOVE this pic. So had to add it into today's post.

I got to the gym today and did 45min on the elliptical machine. 10min hard - 1 min easy 3x. Then 5mins hard/easy on & off to the end.

Managed to burn 720calories and cover 4miles. According to the machine anyway. I was just pleased that 1. I went and that 2. I was all sweaty at the end!!

Had a lovely salad for lunch... spinach leaves, 1/2 green apple, 2 Tbsp red onion and a handful of blackberries with a cherry vinaigrette dressing. VERY nice.

Now I am trying to make sure that I get in all the water that I need today... which I'm struggling with at the moment. So off to refill!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunny Saturday/Gloomy Sunday

Saturday the Hubby and I managed a 3.4mile walk. We talked about walking/gym all morning... then got caught up house cleaning and organizing (however I did get down and scrub the kitchen floor on all fours and let me tell you... that is some hard work!). At 3:50 we finally got the motivation to get out and do it.

It was the first time that I've ever worn a pedometer. That was really quite neat I have to say. We did 6,599 steps. :) I like it. Which was great, since I watch a lot of Dr.Oz now (no job) and he has the min daily goal of 10,000 steps. So that one walk was pretty close 70% of my daily steps.

Sunday has been pretty quite. Lots of running around today picking up the weeks shopping and getting all errands done. Not a lot of exercise per say, and I don't think that much is going to get done.

Monday I'm going to have the car, so its job stuff in the morning and then off to the gym to get in at least 45min of cardio on the elliptical. That's the plan anyway.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Turkey Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving.

I am about to go out for a walk with the husband, enjoy the sunshine, get some fresh cool air and then come home to start cooking our small Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey Breast
Brussel Sprouts
Finger Potatoes
Rosemary bread (very small loaf)
Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream

Today I am going to eat a normal sized plate and one slice of pie. That is all. And I am going to be thankful for family and friends who are not here and for the ability to be able to go out for a walk in the sunshine and thankful for the fact that I do not have to gorge myself at the dinner table to feel something. I feel fantastic today and will savor each moment.

Monday, November 23, 2009


right... my gawds, this WL thing is really kicking my ass.

You know, months and months ago I was lamenting how great it would be to not have to go to work, and stay home, and "cook" all my meals, eat right, go to the gym... yadda yadda yadda...

well here I am. All freshly moved to the US, no job, husband at the office all day and a world of exercise dvd's... yet no motivation to do them. RAWRRRRRR

Regardless, over my stomach bug from last week and now I need to get started on getting back into my routine of yoga in the mornings, and getting some more things going for the evenings.


Saturday - gym for 30 hard minutes on the elliptical
Sunday - 1 hour of hard housecleaning
Monday.... tbd....

This has been getting better... more a function of the kitchen being CLEAN!!! HURRAY... we now have a great place to cook and prep food for dinners. I baked chicken and have made a few dishes now. We are eating out less and less, and that is great news. Now we need a better routine for the rest of life and things will start to fall into place.

Okay...that's all for today. Back in the saddle.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back on solids!

Last night I had my first real meal in three days. It was... glorious.

Now I have to wean myself off tasty small things, that I could handle, and back into good foods.

And I need to start my yoga again.

Ah... restarting.

now...to perv on the rest of you!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Could have been the Whiskey....

might have been the gin.
Could have been three or four six-packs,
I don't know, but look at the mess I'm in,
My head is like a football, I think I'm gonna die,
Tell me, me oh me oh my,
Wasn't that a party?

oh my... any of you canucks out there will likely recognize that little toon. This weekend we were pretty darn active, my brother was here for the last 5 days, and sadly - left this morning.

However, we took him out for dinner last night and well... all three of us got food poisoning. I don't know what it was, or what kind of bacteria it is... but I am by far the worst, I've been puking and well... you know... all day. I had my first meal of some dry crackers at about 4pm... then some won ton soup - just the broth - at 7pm... I just gave them up to the porcelain gawds.

Hubby is gone to get me some Gatorade/vitamin water to help as well as some pink stuff. I hope it works.

Fingers cross that this has left my system tomorrow. I'm a mess.

Friday, November 13, 2009

More walk'n and water

Well in the wake of my bad weigh in, I'm still not eating too great, but I'm still moving forward. All the comments on that were very apprecited, and very true. Its great to have another perspective from the narrow one that can become the only focus. I know that I was SUPER dehydrated this last week - which is a big factor.

My brother is in town for for five days of visiting - so we are heading out and doing lots of activities. Yesterday I took him on the park walk - it was nice to get out and do some exercise - Yay for 3 miles!! Double bonus of a good walk and one on one visit time with my brother.

I'm going to try and convince the hubby and brother to either go to the gym tonight, or go for a walk. We need it!!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Oh yes... its about time for one of these posts. I have been fighting it since last night.

I got to the gym and weighed in last night. Before I got there I was so excited and curious - even a pound down would have been okay - I'm so happy with my inches, that I don't care what the loss is. And that it would not be a loss was not even ANYWHERE near my thoughts.

I stepped on the scale. 290lbs. What The F**K?!!!!!!???!!!! I put on a brave face, but inside I was torn up. a gain for 8 lbs... that... that can't be possible??? Can it.

Fear started to creep up. I got through my step class - I worked hard, my shirt was drenched in sweat and I was exhausted, but instead of feeling good, and thinking about all the wins (how great my legs are looking - that my shorts were loose - that the inches were coming off), all that I could see was the monster in the mirror. The fat gut jiggling as I jumped around on my step, the scale number looming in my brain.... 290lbs? how, why, what.... I know my eating has been poor, but I've been losing inches and doing yoga and step class - exercising at least 5 days a week as well as cleaning and general moving.

Fear. Fear Fear Fear. I can't do this, its too hard, why do I bother if the scale only goes up, what if I can't do it, what if I just keep failing. BLARRRRGGGGGG

I came home and told myself that I wasn't going to think about - remember it or blog about it. I wasn't going to worry about it - post it up, mark it down or make it real. But this fear. It just keeps gripping me.

But... it just keeps sliding up into the foreground of my thoughts. So I guess that means that I really need to talk about it.

Yesterday I was feeling so good, feeling great after my yoga, longer & leaner, like things were getting better.. then this.

This Fear has made weigh loss look impossible, but its not. The Fear is making me think that losing weight is too hard, but its not.

I will do this. I will.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mission Exercise... Done.

Tonight was step class. I'm starting to be able to keep up with the footwork, so that means I'm working harder! I was sweaty after that.

Did some more house cleaning in the evening, and have been drinking more water, but still not enough. My ab actually cramped!!!! I didn't know that they could do that. I use "they" in the looses sense of the word, since I'm pretty sure that you would have a hard time finding more then a single ab in what is my current midsection.

I'm too tired to go on further with this post. Bed... here I come.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Right, I did it. I had to break out of the rut that I have been in for the last few days/week.

I did the warm up, the regular yoga section, then the strength section and the cool down. Perfect. Even had a drop of sweat roll off my nose and onto the mat. :) Hurray!!

Next up - get an apple and start some laundry.

Lets see...

Friday was a lot of running around, but no actual workout. Sloth day.

Saturday was clean up the house (more hubby then me), we went for an evening walk in the park - 3miles. It was so nice out at that time.

Sunday was another sloth day, not a lot got accomplished other than a lot of socializing (fun) and 2 glasses of wine in the evening and a catch up with some friend we haven't seen in ages. Which was great. Sundays victory was that we had a full day of visiting complete with potluck... at which I did over eat a bit... but NOT to my usual standard. There was a veggie tray and ate the crap outa that. And managed to drink mostly water, and not all the soda that was there. It was nice to feel like I was more in control of what I was eating, there was less urgency... if you know what I mean. No.... fear feeling. Humm, hard to describe, but that feeling was missing. Which was nice.

Today was not great - until now. I slept late, had breakfast and then spent nearly the entire day job hunting online, then web surfing and getting sweet F.A. done. That yoga was a great break up of that pattern. Now I all warm and stretched out. Its great.

This evening I'm getting a massage (I hope) and more cleaning. My brother is coming for a 5 day visit on Wednesday - so we need to get the house in order. Hoping that tonight the remaining kitchen will be done and we can get moving on some other bits.

Regardless, I'm feeling pretty good. My water intake has been good. Food is still a problem, but its on my list of things that I am working on. Right now my main focus is getting in exercise and drinking water. It seems to be doing its job at the moment. I know that soon I'm going to have to address the food issues.

For now, I'm happy with how I'm progressing.

right now

I have to go and do my yoga dvd right now and get off this stinking laptop.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inches...2.4 INCHES!!!!!!

Well... looks like I'm not going to get to the gym for a workout - but I am going to go to the park and walk the 3mile loop. As... I am currently eating pumpkin reeses mini treats. ARGGGG


Neck - 16.2
Chest - 50
Ribs - 44
Hips - 49.5
L Bicep - 15
R Bicep - 14.6
L Thigh - 27
R Thigh - 26.5
L Calf - 18
R Calf - 17.5

Total Inches: 332.3inches....

HOLY HELLO!!!! that is down 2.4 INCHES!!!!!!!

Thats it... the first thing that I am going to do when I get up from this post is to go and throw away the rest of that candy. My gawds I am crazy!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


while reading through some more blogs today, I realized that I just needed to get my yoga DONE and not wait until the last minute and then let some excuse come up and do nothing.

So I did it...

5min warm up.... twice ( since I was sore)
10min strength yoga session
5min cool down

so 20min in total, but I did get a good workout and my legs and back were feeling it at the end.

YAY!! I did it. :)

No Step, No Problem

Well, sadly I was cancelled on last night and it was a no go for step class, but not to worry - I had quite a great workout yesterday with all the cleaning.

In the end, I made a healthy and delicious dinner:

Large baking potato baked in the oven
1/2 can tuna in water
1/2 c corn
1/2 c peas
1.5 Tbs Mayo (extra virgin olive oil mayo which is GREAT!!)
2oz cheddar cheese
all mixed up and put in the potato. It was very yum.

Then Hubby and I did a couple more hours of cleaning/clearing out.

There are no 7 bags of old clothes to go to the donation center and about 10 extra bags of trash for Fridays pick up. :) Phew, all that pushing and pulling and bending and carrying has worn me out.

I woke up this morning and I was one sore lady! I did a bunch more shuffling of stuff and getting more stuff done. There is now a great cleared out space for me to put my desk in (woohoo Ikea here we come) and then I can get off this terrible laptop and get on my PC. Hurray!

I have to get on my yoga... or go to the gym tonight, even if I have to do it on my own. We shall see how this evening shapes up.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sweaty Betty

I had an excellent sleep last night (well - as excellent as I get - I have a lot of nightmares and always have) just about 12 hours! We were in bed at 10pm last night, and I didn't get up until 10am this morning.

Amazing what a good nights rest can do for mood!

Today I did about 3 hours of cleaning: Organizing and cleaning out the laundry room, vacuuming the house, scrubbed all the fronts of the cupboards, and mopped/scrubbed the kitchen floor. Sweet zombie jebuz cleaning is hard work!!

An Open Letter to Mop Makers

Dear consumer product cleaning implement maker,

Why do you make your products so bloody flimsy so that one session of cleaning virtually destroys the product. Your packaging did not say that I was going to be paying $10 for a single use product? I wish that I had not thrown the receipt away or I would return it and get another one, then at least I would have paid $5 for each mop session instead of $10.

Kind Regards,
Unsatisfied (Possibly Overly Strong) Moper

Anyway, the floor is looking good and the cupboards are all clean and bright, and I am a tired lady. AND... tonight is STEP CLASS!!!

So I'm resting up a little, and getting in some more water and a snack (pink lady apple and Almond Nut-thins - cheddar cheese flavor) , both very nummy.

Speaking of...I totally forgot to post my WIN WIN WIN. Eat Oxygen had a giveaway and I was the very lucky winner. of a case of Chobani Greek Yogurt!!! So a thank you to Kristin for the fab yogurts coming my way, and for her great blog with lots of interesting recipes!

Nap time!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Monday

BLARG....Monday. :(

Thats how I'm feeling about everything today. At 2pm I finally forced myself to get out of the house and go for a walk. I did a lap around the park - 3miles. It was really nice out - warm and sunny! It has improved my Monday substantially.

It was great to get out there and get it done. It was getting pretty critical as I was halfway through a bag of "low fat" chips when I finally pried myself off the couch and got moving.

I'm feeling pretty Meh about life today ...I'm sure that its just a combo of the blas and the stress of life my life catching up with me. I need a job, need to get unpacked, need to get the house cleared out first, need to do this, need to do that...its just all overwhelming, so I think that tomorrow is going to be list day. Get the pen and paper out and get a priority list out of things that need doing, and then I can feel better about crossing off duties!

However, today I'm just REALLY glad that I managed to do something active when I didn't want to.

Saturday & Sunday were a bust. We ended up doing a lot of running around, but no actual exercise.

I've been starting my mornings okay food wise, but I've been sneaking in more and more junk. Not good. So I have been trying to make sure that I eat before I'm famished. Happily this Halloween I had only.....


Yes, that is all. It was a Babe Ruth (I'd never had one of those before or I wouldn't have had anything).