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Monday, August 31, 2009

More adventures in walking

I had Friday off this week (and for the next 2 weeks mind you!! YAY for short weeks). I did a tonne of walking on Friday - with lots of breaks between though.

1. to get coffee and catch the bus to my massage (.63km).
2. to massage from bus stop (1.6km)
3. from massage to have late brunch and read paper (1.54km)
4. from breakfast to used bookstore (.95km)
5. Transit to work for quick email check and pick up some shoes (.3lm)
6. Transit part way and walked home (1.2km)

total - 6.22km

Saturday I did a little bit of walking - not as much - and then ate pretty poorly - however NOT lots. :) Which was good. I guess - in terms of what I would normally do on a bad eating day.

Sunday was another moving day - I did sleep in late (11am! Woohoo I was tired) and then packing and moving - so I would say about 8 trips up and down the stairs at the old place with bags, then another 8 trips up and down a couple of flights of stairs as well as moving my bags and also a mattress and box spring down 2 flights of stairs... Sunday was going to be my rest day - but in retrospect I was sweating like a piggy and worked pretty hard. :) in fact, I was wondering why my legs were sore today and now I know why!

okay - last bit of the day here - so I have to get moving at the office and head home... to my new room with friends. 3km to the pick up spot... and it was 2.5km to work this morning.

Doing pretty darn good.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

sore and tired

walking to the office and home these last couple of days has been hard. I'm not my usual speedy walker - I'm dragging and my legs are hurting...

So tonight I'm going to take it easy and just get some rest.

This morning I did have a very good breakfast. 1/2c all bran with skim milk...my gawds it takes ages to eat that stuff... chew chew chew... and then a largish banana. The walking is still nice - but I'm starting to look for short cuts - so I know its time to get some rest.

Tried very hard to get more water in today. Didn't do great - but I'm still trying. Going to get in another litre before bed time at the very least.

time to go home. YAY!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

more greenz

I haven't had the best day and a bit of eating for sure... I was out for lunch yesterday and today - and I had dinner out last night, and I was too late to work to get a proper breakfast on the way out the door. However, today my underroos were fitting looser then before - so I think that all this walking has been doing good. I need to get some more greenz in my food.

Tonight is walk home and then a training session with the old team - nothing too stressful I hope - and then home. My plan..toasted tomato, ham and cheese sammich with red grapes and some Wheat Thins.

I'm very tired today - I didn't get a lot of sleep this weekend past - and I've had very restless sleep for Sunday and Monday nights. My eyes are sore and tired. Coffee hasn't' even kick started me today. :(

Other then that., I have another move this weekend - I need to get all packed up and wash all my clothes so that I can start fresh at the new digs... back tot eh basement of bad eating... but this time - I'm going to do a lot more walking - and will be trying to get back into the gym again at lunch times.

Water has been okay to poor... more often then not I don't get enough. In fact I've only peed twice today at the office. That's bad. Getting on top of it now. water water water!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday - Done!

hurray!!! Made it through another week. Its been great - lots of walking - did a couple of nights of training with my sports team - we are playing this weekend, so I'm going to be a mess on Sunday. But a tired and sore mess that had a good time and got plenty of exercise. :D

Have fun all of you.... another weekend without technology so I'll have to post on Monday.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

...dare I say it....

but I looked i the mirror this morning and I looked like I had lost weight... so you're right VRaz ... it was the evil scales at the Medical Clinic!

So its another day of walking to and from home to office. I have been one sweaty-betty in the mornings and at night... this equals a lot of showers and laundry - but whatever! The 45min in the morning is awesome... wait. I'm going to go and calculate the distance... just for posterity's sake...

3.65km one way. so 7.3km every day

Give or take a few depending on route. Thats...pretty darn great I have to say - and no wonder I'm thinking that I looked a little different in the mirror this morning.

On top of that - I've been eating pretty well - I'm still snacking too much and eating too big of portions, but I've been making meals at home at night and not eating out. I've been on a ham, cheese, and tomato sammich kick. As well as red grapes/green apple/wheat thins and cheese dinner as well. I'm getting a lot more fruit and veg into my diet right now, which has made me pretty darn happy - and regular!

Okay - this afternoons slower then normal pace gave me a little extra time off for blogging. I wish that there was more - but there is a light to the end of this tunnel.

Once all this immigration is over - and I've moved house - should be Oct 1st and then I can unpack my computer and really give'er.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I had been one busy beaver these last few days... I don't have time to post it all -

Wednesday - medical went well. 6.30am is barfy - and according to thier scale I am 283lbs...OMFG...I was wearing full clothing and shoes...but still. Walked around the city for an hour, and did a 30min outdoor bike ride. Very proud of myself.

worked, worked worked
walked to and from the office (45min each way)

Bus in
Walked home - forgot wallet - walked back - walked home... big day!

35min stationary bike (my butt hurts), 10 push ups and some various crunches and wall squats.

5km Hike with hills and everything!
5km walk to grocery store and back... legs are sore today

Monday - walked to work and walking home.

Food this week has been better then normal... surprisingly!! But I will update soon with more details.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

check up time

well I'm flying out tonight and getting my immigration medical done tomorrow... have to be at the clinic at 6.30AM... yes. IN THE BLOODY MORNING... what the hell is wrong with these people.

Regardless, I'm going to get a good nights sleep tonight - I didn't last night - up late worrying and up early worrying.

I did my big walk home last night - stopped for good food at the grocery store and humped that all back home in my backpack - and big walk in this morning. Have all my things packed - just a little carry-on to take with me - work and walking cvlothes will stay at the office tonight.

I was very proud of myself last night - dinner was
flax bread x4
mustard 2tbsp
ham 4 slices
1 whole tomato
3oz cheese
1c red grapes
2 mint yorkies
mini diet pepsi
lotsa water
1/4 green apple
1/4 mango


okay - thats all for now. Must get ready to hit the airport with my orange and banana... and prepare to be weighed and measured...and poked and prodded.


Monday, August 10, 2009

moving moving moving

Another move this weekend - to another house of friends that are taking me in for three weeks. JOY! :( I'm so sick of getting bounced around. But such is my life right now.

On a good note - this new house is a delightful 45min walk to work, really a great distance. Also close enough to walk for food and coffee on weekends. :D Big plus!

Moving on the weekend was hard - I was under motivated for sure.

This week I am prepping for humiliation as I have my pre-immigration medical... at which they will weigh you (Oh yes, I will get the hairy eyeball for sure). Ug. I also had to secure some prior medical records for them. This was a surgery on my ankle after a fall from my horse... I had a read and I was described as "an extremely overweight 15 year old". double ug. Honestly...how long am I going to continue to do this to myself?? Alas, I must move forward mentally before the physical can come along.

So - work is almost done - and its time for me to change - put in the ipod and walk home! I'm so looking forward to it. :) Might even do an extra long trip just because!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ug...guilt sucks

Well last night... I pulled out of the dinner... I gave a lame-o excuse about having papers to rummage through and chores to do around the house and I got a really rude answer back from the friend...

She was right - I was avoiding their house - just not for the reasons that she thinks... and I can't tell her the real reason because she is sooo sensitive about their lifestyle at the moment that it would have caused even MORE issues.

It felt good to know that I was going to get some things done around the house, AND eat a good meal... and I did go home - ate my chicken, yams and broccoli...however, I did feel various stages of mad, sad, guilty and angry all evening about it. ARG...

This making good choices is hard. :(

Today's food was okay. I've been starting my mornings with a cuppa All Bran and skim milk before work... indeed fibre is an interesting thing!! ha still not getting enough greens in... and I have a massive bowl of fruit that I haven't even TOUCHED... I know what I'm going to be eating this weekend.

right! Off home. This no computer BS is not fun. I don't get to look at what everyone else is doing :(

on a good note - I should be down in the US of A by Oct 1. I finally was contacted for my interview with the embassy and am one step closer to the visa!!! HURRAY!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

weekend over

The weekend with the hubby was awesome - family wedding was fun, weather was great - hipfloexor was more then good!! got plenty of rest and recration! Ate in various degrees of good and bad... there was a buffet and I only went up once and me and husband shared a small plate of dessert.

Went and got a load of groceries last night - fruit and cottage cheese at the office... didn't eat it... more for tomorrow I suppose.

Dinner is going to be at the naughty eaters house tonight... I suck. I made all these plans and now I can't stick to any of them. I bailed on the gym at lunch today in favor of eating with friends - to which I was going to bring my fruit..but didn't...

MUST GET BACK ON TRACK... just don't have a clue how to.