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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting through Hump Day

I'm still struggling with getting enough water in me. I have forgotten to bring my little "walking" water bottle for when I'm walking home - today I walked 6.7km and didn't have a drink the whole way..... ug.

Conversely - I had to pee soooo bad by the time I got home that it actually saved me from going to a shop and buying junk food. I WANTED PANCAKES.... but I didn't have the mix or eggs. I stopped at the corner store to get some - and I had to pee so bad that when I didn't see it immediately...that I had to run out of there because I was going to wet my pants if I didn't start walking again. So I hurried home.

I ended up having a 7 grain kashi granola bar, 4-5oz chedder cheese and 5 triskets as a pre dinner snack. Then had 1.5 cups of packaged pre-spiced couscous (very yum) and 1.5c green peas. Dessert was 2 cups of very nice watermelon just now.

Lunch was sushi and a diet coke(ug...must stop getting these at lunchtime), a large orange as my pre-walk snack, and breakfast was a 7grain kashi granola bar, 2 whole grain slices of toast and 3oz peanut butter and a couple of cups of coffee.

So all in all today was pretty good. I didn't walk to the office this morning, but food was good - water was poor (just over 2.5L now and I should be more like 4L).

well thats all for now - time to get some zzzzzzzz


Fat[free]Me said...

Great walk - and thank goodness for weak bladders, lol!

Leading Lady said...

Further proof that everything happens for a reason

Tena said...

Saved! Sounds like you had a healthy day!

Oh, boy! Another fellow blogger in the big city. Wouldn't it be a hoot if we bumped into each other sometime?!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

haha, water = peeing! DITTO! Some close calls, but your right, the sudden and URGENT need to use the rest room has saved me many of times from stopping to get something un-needed! Good job on the water, keep it up!

Tamzin said...

Tena - we can go biking together!! :D