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Monday, May 25, 2009

Thirsty Thirsty Tamzin....

This last few days has been a marathon of packing and cleaning. My Mum was in town and we spent the weekend cleaning and fighting! HA! Bless she is a saint to put up with me for the weekend... I was quite the bear.

It was physically and psychologically hard...throwing out all the things that I have amassed over the years... It was ... not nice, but necessary. And like all good Mothers, she knows how to push my buttons! Ah well... love her anyway.

I have been dehydrated since Thursday night....I've been trying and trying and trying to get more water in and once you are far gone down the lacking water trail - the harder it is to get out. All weekend I was missing water. Sunday morning my fingers were so swollen I couldn't get both my rings on. This morning....I struggled to get them both on. So terrible.

I worked really hard today to drink more water and I did pretty good.

On to the good stuff...

Weigh - In

I got up and weighed in this morning and was 275lbs

.... but I knew that I was retaining water like a SOB.... So I waited today until I got home and weighed in again, even though I knew that after a day of eating I'm usually heavier....

272 Lbs

Right on track! WOOOHOOO

Other then that - I ate breakfast, walked to work and walked home. Did a 6km walk home tonight and feeling pretty good. Must get more veggies in me though...and I have to pack a couple of lunches for this week and get my water in...I'm still a little dehydrated.


Becca55 said...

good for you, walking is great! I hardly ever drink anything else but water, it was hard at first but now i consume so much its no wonder I pee so much lol.

VRaz60 said...

Scale is going the right direction. Good for you. Fight to get that water in. I know it's hard, but you're on the right track.

Teena in Toronto said...

Keep getting the water into you!

Tena said...

Drink up, girlie! You're working hard and not thinking about it, I know, but please stay hydrated. Your mum sounds like mine :) Love her to pieces but can get me going! Have I asked before where in TX? Near Houston?