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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hump Day

Well today was not a great day for eating - but I had a few better choices then had been the norm lately. Also, weighed in at 275 this morning....*small sigh* water has done a bit of the trick here - I didn't think that I had put on 7lbs in 4 days.

I had a burger and fries at lunch...today while coming home from visiting friends I was highly considering fast food for dinner again...and then I decided no... that I would go home and eat there. Instead I had 2 whole wheat pita breads with my 1 & 1/4 c of curry sauce with chick peas and green peas. :)

I didn't input my calories today - but I did track my foods at the office today and I'll add in what I ate today to it.

Bed time is going to be EARLY today..in fact just after I finish this. I'm tired as!

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Fat[free]Me said...

Well done on the healthy pitta dinner! I fancied a burger the other day and came home and made a totally awesome quorn burger with lovely brown bread and loads of onions and tomatoes - I enjoyed it so much more and it was far healthier - yum!

Packed lunches save my bacon (probably literally, lol) when time is short at lunch break - I make some salad the night before and grab it as I go in the morning.

So glad you are turning it around and getting back on track - you can do it!