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Friday, May 22, 2009


Yesterday was a busy day. I did get in a LOT more exercise then normal, I played half a game with my old team - and did the warm up etc. All in all - about 75min of vigorous activity. Today I am sore as a sore thing. My legs are so hurting that its hard to get down on the toilet seat to pee!

I didn't do myself any favors with water yesterday though. I knew that I was going to play and I didn't get in even what I normally drink. So I'm trying to play catchup today. Its going to be a few days.

This weekend is packing and cleaning. I am out of my condo on Saturday next weekend - the tenant is moving in on Sunday - so I want to be mostly ready to go. All the rooms cleaned top to bottom, walls floors, baseboards, inside the cupboards, fridge, stove.... you name it!

Luckily my Mum is coming in this weekend to lean a hand physically and morally! So we will have fun I'm sure.

okay - today water goal is .... 2.5L before end of work day.

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VRaz60 said...

Look at you go!! 75 minutes even. Good for you. Work on the water thing, it really does help, especially when exerting yourself like you did. I'm trying to do better myself in that regard. Here's to continued success.