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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Small Victory worth posting

Today after another 4 day weekend away from the office (we were closed Friday and holiday monday)...I attempted to drink my "usual" office machine mochalatte.....AND....

It was too sweet!

:) back to regular joe with cream instead of this chocolate syrup abomination!

Hurray for the small things in life.

Last night I had the crazy cravings and I was out and driving (which is a BAD combo).

I was going to stop and get a coffee and timbits* (10...or 20 of them lets face it - I would have bought 2 coffees and 20 timbits to make it look like I was buying for 2 people and then eaten them all). I decided that I would go to Wendy's instead and got a baked potato with chili and a SMALL frosty. Much better and I didn't even finish the chili.

I know that since I'd already eaten dinner that this is really not like going home and eating cottage cheese and a handful of nuts or ....any of those other good foods that are sitting in the fridge, but in terms of managing binge/compulsive food behaviors...I'm going to move this into a small win as well.

more small steps. I can't imagine what I would have felt like this morning if I'd had a large coffee with cream and 20 timbits last night at 9pm. So this is much better.

I'm most of the way through my first of three liters of water today. Must keep drinking.

*timbits are donut holes to my American friends.


David Showers said...

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Tena said...

You make me so proud drinking your water! Hooray for that NSV! **wipes tears away**

jo said...

timbits...are they from Tim Horton's?

I'll admit to having purchased 2 drinks before when ordering at fast food. I drank them both, but I did it not for the drink but to fool them.

Angie in TO said...

Small steps will still get us to the finish line.....

Teena in Toronto said...

Timbits rock!

I have to stay far far away from 'em or I eat a lot of 'em. That's not good.