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Sunday, October 31, 2010


We were up early, although the Halloween party on our block kept me up until about 1.30am Ug. I don't mind a party, but damn it... turn the effing bass down. Ug. Finally called the cops to make a sweep of the neighborhood and I think that was what got the music under control.

We went for breakfast. I had the California omelet. Eggs, grilled chicken, salsa, roasted corn and avocado slices. Very good. I'm going to have to get all that into my handy spreadsheet to get the calories all tolled up. Of course, today is not done yet.

After breakfast we did a 2.5mile walk in the park and along the buffalo bayou. Very fun for my Canadian guests. The plant life is so different here. Also, great exercise for me! BONUS! ;)

Now they are off with the husband doing some fun man stuff around town (comic shops) and I'm doing laundry and prepping for next weeks lunches. After this I;ll be doing the food diary, getting my calories sorted, buying the food and doing some more cleaning/vacuuming (protecting the back!!)

Speaking of. I'm pretty sure I've solved the mystery of why I've been having all these niggles/injuries/soreness. My IT bands are as tight as a Scottish wallet! So I've dug out the foam roller and the last couple night doing that has really helped. YAY!

okay - hope the weekend is treating everyone well. Its beautiful out today!!!! About to get started into my water. Only 1 Liter so far today. I'm WAY behind schedule.

1 comment:

Ann (-22 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Sounds like a wonderful day was had by all - and you got some alone time to get things done!

GREAT job on the exercising (especially)!! That always impresses me, being a couch potato by nature.