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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blood Donation

Did my good deed for the day and I'm happy. I ended up staying in my caloric range (thank you Allan for pointing that out!) and I did have some sugary stuff to help bounce back from the pint down I am on blood.

I am participating in Allan's challenge which could have also been named, "Watched by the Eye of Sauron". ha!! I am impressed with his diligence!! You rock Allan!

I made sure to load up on water, also eat before and after the donation. I'm really not feeling that horrible. I hope this carries on, typically I feel worse the next day. So tomorrow will tell.

Food today was good. I did a lot of fretting and calculating. "managing" the food. I guess that this is just something that I'm eventually just 'do' naturally. Right now my ideas on portions and need are based on a set point that is so out of whack that I need constant vigilance to ensure I'm not stepping back into old ways.

I ended up eating only 3.4 of my lunch to make sure that I stayed in my range today. And.. I'm not feeling deprived! I did eat my lunch very fast today - much faster than usual. I need to remember to sllllllooooooow down. This is not a race, its a meal.

We were going to go to see RED tonight, but I got the Amex bill today from last month when we were up visiting family and.... we are going to stay in and be frugal with the netflicks. HA! A very good compromise.

Water today: 2.5L and counting

Food today:
MFF Good Morning Sunshine - 330
coffee - 2
creamers - 90
MFF Pancakes - blueberry - 350
Post blood donation cake - 145
Post blood donation juice - 60
MFF Turkey Pasta - 315
MFF Oatmeal - 290
Large peach - 61
2 Magic Pop - 30
MFF Gimmie More Chicken Salad - 300
Lrg Apple - 116

Total calories: 2089
Ideal Total: 2090
Difference: -1

just squeeked in there!

BS today: some minor mooning over the junk food in the office, but I resisted temptation and had nothing!


Kimberly said...

Awesome freaking job on the calories today. And yeah, Allan is a good one for keeping you in line.

Ann (-22 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Great job on passing up the office junk food - not always an easy thing to do!

You are getting stronger!!

Twix said...

Excellent! :)

Stephanie said...

hahaha "Watched by the eye of Sauron" - that's hilarious

Great job on resisting the junk food :)

Tena said...

Way to go on skipping the junk food. Hope you're feeling okay today after giving blood.