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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Gym Session done

Had to get up early this morning to pick up my hubby from the car rental place - he had to have the work car back at 9am! Its right near the gym so we went straight there!

Nice to get our work out in early and over in the day. I have housework and some fun crafty stuff to do today. I may try to get outside for a walk as well - feeling like being active.

Regardless - I did 30min on the treadmill and the last 5min were jogging! Very pleased as I have not done any jogging for quite some time now. :) Happy times. So now I can add it in more and more to my treadmill workouts.

Right - now to get into the housework so I can enjoy the afternoon.


Laryssa said...

I'm always afraid to do the jogging on the treadmill. I have this huge fear that I'll lose my step because I'm concentrating too much on my music or what's on the TV and I'll fall.

Have a great 4th of July!

Miz said...

GREAT JOB on the treadmill workout and the addition of the run!