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Sunday, July 25, 2010


omg these last few weeks have been STUPID busy - dinner, birthday, weekend projects, this that another thing and this and that and then this, did you remember that?

Sweet jebuz. My head is spinning.

July is almost over and I had thought that I would be at least 20lbs lighter by now. I'm not.

I will say this, I've lost a little - and I've NOT GAINED! Lunches are good, I'm trying to get more water (always!) and I'm excited for the coming month for a couple of reasons.

1. Work is starting to level out. As in - I've had 2 months there and I've learned the ropes and starting to get into a groove, which makes work a lot less stressful.

2. Tomorrow - is the start of my 3 times a week morning work out. 6am tomorrow I'll be up and getting my lazy arse over to the gym for 30min. Then home shower and to the office. The husband is in charge of bed times and wake times. Because I am far to unreliable in those 2 areas to ensure that I get us out of bed in time.

3. I've been getting some success, I'm not losing a lot of weight, but my clothes are fitting better and I'm feeling good. I need to capitalize on that and carry on.

4. Its been 10 months since I arrived in the big H. Wow... a year goes by so fast.

Right - the weather here is hellish at best and crushing at worst. I can honestly say that I understand why there are so many people in Houston that are overweight. I totally could not have the same lifestyle here that I had in Canada. I used to walk 5-7km (3-4miles) a day. Its soooo damn hot here that I wouldnt be able to manage that outside.

I feel occationally cramped and sluffed. Always inside, I miss the wind and air... but then I go out the door and its a swamp of humidity that literally makes it hard to breath. If you've never experienced it - its hard to imagine.

Anyway. I also have my birthday coming up next week. 36. Wow. 4 years to 40. So... I've been thinking about that fact and how I have a lot of things that I want to do before then, and that includes shedding this weight. So... I'm going to make some changes.

more on that, later!


CJ said...

Good going! I need to start with the work outs too this week.

Guess what I felt after my 26th b'day recently? 4 years to 30 ! EEks :)

spunkysuzi said...

You've got a good plan!
Hey at the end of September i'll be one year till 50 :)