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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

busy bee!!

okay - its been a while - I've been doing a butt-load of stuff and have been traveling a fair amount. Now tomorrow I'm off home to help my Mum recover from hip replacement surgery.

Last week we were fighting with AT&T over the phone/Internet so we've been without the net for 5 days until tonight.

Exercise has been spotty, as I've been having some major issues with my hip flexor/groin. I thought that it was my office chair however....

We were away from Thursday through Sunday last weekend and after 3 nights in a hotel bed, the hip issue had totally recovered. I thought that it was the rest, or something... BUT... I got home and woke up in our bed at midnight in AGONY.

I didn't think that our mattress was that bad...there is a notable angle and its lumpy. I had no idea that it could be so bad for me. So I went online that day at lunch and ordered me a new one for delivery that night.

There was a grand that I didn't want to spend out of savings, but its totally worth it in the end. Slept like a baby last night.

Food has been Good then bad. I've been doing a lot of:
1. speed eating
2. binging on crackers
3. eating in the car

Three major signs that I'm over stressed, under worked out and over tired. CARB CRAZY.

I have been good about the water, and getting in my veg. So hoping that I can work this out. I'm hoping the trip home will be good and let me relax. Won't be back here until after October 1st.

Hope all is well out there. I need to get back into perving full time again.


spunkysuzi said...

Simple carbs are my undoing! Back away from the carbs. I know you can do it.

Katie J said...

How are you? Just checking in with you to see if you are okay.

Anonymous said...

mmm crackers. I do like salty foods rather than sweets. I am new here and am now following. I am currently 297 your start weight :) Great progress. Please feel free to pop by my blog some time I'd love a new follower.