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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another week gone!

Mondays weigh in sucked! But, I'm just carrying on carrying on. Must keep pressing forwards.

Short holiday weeks are brutal for work - 5 days of work pressed into four. The long weekend effed me up in terms of sleep and I've been up to 12.30 or 1 am all week. Ug. So, I've not been getting up this week to go to the gym.

That set up a lovely cycle for me. Too much time sitting at work x 2 days of high heels - exercise = hip and back cramping.


I managed to get out for a very short and jarring walk on Thursday evening. Heat, rest and a walk on Friday has helped and I'm almost back to normal. Today I repainted the half bath, bending reaching, taping , painting. That was today workout.

Tomorrow is the gym, and then getting ready for the next week. Water was good today.

1 comment:

Natalia said...

Ooh, I hope the hip/back cramping goes away! That's never fun to deal with.