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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A quick TY and update!

just a quick TY to all who read and posted (or just read! I like that too). Been a busy weekend - and a busy week coming up.

I'm still thinking and trying to do better and get my arse moving more. All the same same for fatness and fitness.

On the fun side of things... tomorrow is my last day at my job. This coming weekend I have my immigration interview with the US Embassy... then I should have my Permanent Residency for the end of next week.... and I'm TX bound at the end of this month.

Its going to be a lot of packing, traveling, flights, and general moving and shifting of all my things. So I'm going to try and stay focused on eating and not getting too out of hand.

Anyway - HAPPY DAYS are coming soon.


1 comment:

big_mummy said...

oooh thats fun!! let us know how your interview goes!