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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hey Self....

Remember this Post?? Well, you should be cause you have not been doing any of that.

Do this:

Eating right (salads and good foods at the office)
Getting in 5 days of exercise
Drinking lots of water
Getting good sleep
Being prepared
Small steps, each and every day

Not This:

M7M's 2 times in a single day
eating out four times this week
Not drinking enough water
Getting soda with a meals
Not going to the gym
Not walking in the evenings

So this is really no surprise at all.

Weigh In today: 296Lbs


CJ said...

Its ok. Just get up, brush off the dirt and get going :). ((hugs))

spunkysuzi said...

We all do that now and again! "hugs"
Every minute of every day is an opportunity to get back in the game. I know you can do it!
Have a glass of water before each meal or snack, get the soda out of the house and enjoy the good weather outside :)

Katie J said...

I think that is the difference for me between times attempted before and now. I just get back on it again instead of throwing in the towel. It ain't easy but you can DO IT!

Mel said...

I SO understand this post... it has been my life for the past year. You know what works... just get back at it... forgive yourself.. and you will be back on top!