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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Good, The Bad and the Focus

Well... I've been really just living moment to moment, and in truth - no walking, not tracking calories and not drinking enough water and looking after myself with any real care.

Stepped on the scale and it was 300.2lbs.

So this has really digressed into a "how to gain weight" blog.

This was after I went through my amex statement and realized that in 6 weeks we spent $1,200 on EATING OUT. Can you fucking believe that. UN REAL...

The husband and I had a sit down and really discussed that we need to change. Its a sad world when you waffle about getting a new $600 gym membership - but will chow down on 1200 dollars worth of food at restaurants???

That is coupled with other excuses that we come up with. Like, the husband doesn't like to work out after dinner/eating. But out life is really unsupportive of early evening work outs. So, I am going to have to start going on my own because I don't give a shit anymore that he doesn't want to go.

His life has been getting astronomically better since I got here and mine has gotten astronomically worst. He has lost 20lbs, I have gained 30lbs. I just can not live like he can and I need to get moving. So I will be doing these things for me. And in turn that will be for him ... because I have been one cranky beatch for the last couple of months.

Okay. Here we go.

The Bad
now am 300lbs
spent too much money on food
stopped exercising

The Good
realized that change is needed
talked to husband about it
got a new gym membership
Tuesday was my last day at my old job - star my new one on June 1. Clean slate!

The Focus
Get to the gym 4x a week
eat at home
take healthy lunches/pack night before
drink more water
get back to blogging.

also... I've decided that I am not going to use Facebook from Mon-Friday. I can get on FB on weekends and catch up - and that's it. I've been wasting an hour or more at night looking at Facebook... I could have been to and back from the gym in that time. I think my friends will forgive me for letting this one slip.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mom's Day

I had my first dr's appointment in a long time yesterday - had my blood pressure taken....

117/70 The doctor was very impressed!

Weight 294lbs

Same Same.... but happy to hear that my blood pressure is so good.

Anyway - today we are headed to the LA Fitness and going to be signing up for a new membership.... and starting my new program of starting to work out three days a week! Husband is on board and we will get on this thing now,

Happy mothers day to all Mothers out there.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

May, I have another please!

haha! I'm so punny. Bring on May. I love May for many reasons, but sunny weekends is one of them.

I didn't weigh in this weekend either and need to get on that for my -25lbs challenge. Tomorrow morning will be the day.

This weekend we spent on a mini road trip up to San Antonio, Medina Lake and Austin. I got to do some much needed summer work clothes, as ... gawds damn its getting hot and humid here. Little sweaters and full pants are NOT going to work for me anymore as my body temp is still set on "Canada".

We have been great about walking and did talk about getting a new gym membership. The gym we are with right now is a 25-45min drive... and there is another gym that is 5min away. Clearly we should go to that one, but initially the hubby had signed up with the other as he and a buddy went there.... but that has dropped off to nothing and I can not seriously remember when we were last at that place...

So... next pay period we are going to be getting a new membership. Financially, I would rather save that money...BUT the advantages to us physically will be worth more then the cost. And we have promised to each other that we will darken the door at this new gym three times a week.

Right, off to bed.